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NLP LEVEL ONE – February 3/4, 2024

How will learning NLP benefit you?

  • Make quantum leaps in creating the experience you desire in relationships, career, and education.
  • Learn how to detect mental strategies used by other people.
  • Learn how to restructure your own communication to powerfully present your ideas.
  • Effectively communicate your ideas with clarity and know that they are understood.
  • Develop the skills to establish rapport and trust anywhere, with anyone.
  • Find out how people listen and get them to hear what you have to tell them.
  • Reach your objectives consistently.
  • Your relationships improve dramatically as you become aware of how others experience you… and most importantly, how you express yourself.
  • And much more.

Class: NLP Level ONE
Date: February 3/4, 2024
Time:  Saturday 10am-6pm; Sunday 10am-5pm
Location:  New Braunfels, TX; Zoom is available – (If this is your first time,
                  we recommend in person.)       
Investment:  $750
                      Zelle, Venmo, Credit Card, Check, or cash
Email us:  contact@nlplearningsystems.com to register or Call 972-931-9984


NLP is a practical model for understanding the thought process… your own and others, and the skills for responding effectively in the world.  Join us in this NLP Level One course and discover why so many people are so excited about learning and using these valuable skills.

The seminar consists of demonstrations, exercises, and lecture material to facilitate the development of NLP skills in your everyday experience.  It is easy and powerful, and you will notice the results immediately.

Think for a moment how in an increased sense of power and influence would affect your environment at your workplace… in your relationships... and your ability to help yourself and others make positive changes!!!

Training Outline

  • An introduction to and an explanation of the presuppositions of NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP). A clearer understanding of Human Behavior and communication interaction. What works… what doesn’t.
  • We introduce and discuss the three main channels of communication, i.e. Visual (V), Auditory (A) and Kinesthetic (K) and their impact on all communication interaction, verbal and non-verbal.  Skill enhancement exercises are easy to follow, informative and fun to participate in as your levels develop.
  • No two people have the same experience – so what makes you, “you” and them, “them”?  Discover your individual way of representing Your Experience of the world and how it is you make the choices you do. 
  • NLP Anchoring techniques are highly effective.  Clearly explained, in an easy to understand, “step-by-step” method, these skills will greatly expand your personal potential when used on a regular basis.  “Every human being has all the resources he/she needs to attain his/her full potential.”
  • Stuck to Clear is NLP’s 5 step program.  One of the most effective change work techniques in this series.  Recognizing (coming out of denial for some) the “stuck-confused-missing something” loop and how to move out of it and into the clear – quickly and easily.  The results speak for themselves.
  • The structure of a reframe is explained in-depth, allowing the listener to become acquainted with the terminology and comfortable with the procedure. All behaviors have a positive intention – whether useful or not.  Reframing simply allows a person to make changes, on an other than conscious level, to behaviors of choice.  A reframe changes the frame in which a person perceives events in order to change the meaning, and when the meaning changes, the person’s responses and behaviors also change. The results will surprise and delight you for months to come!
  • You’ve set goals before – how many of them have you attained? Or are they still just “in your dreams?” Now, at last, the “secret” for success is clearly explained and the techniques for Successful Goal Reaching reviewed in a concise step-by-step manner.  This is another result getting, incredibly easy NLP skill that has been proven time and time again.  Happy Goal REACHING!!

Email us for more information: contact@nlplearningsystems.com or call: 972-931-9984
Check the website for dates:  nlplearningsystems.com

" Greetings and hello to everyone at NLP, Dallas. Things have been going great since my first Level ONE training. Our statistics are up in all categories but the one statistic that is most impressive is the new patient/patient accepting care ratio. This ratio is considered good if it is 80%. Patients accepting care has been 100% for the last two months in my office which we attribute to the ability to establish rapport. For me, learning the steps to establish rapport has been the single most important lesson I have learned from Level ONE NLP training. I know that there is much more to learn and you can bet that I’ll be back for a review. There’s more good news. We have just purchased the property that we have been renting for the last 17 months. We are now landlords! I wonder if that had anything to do with establishing rapport with a banker? Ha! God bless everyone. See all of you soon!"

Wayne Hawkins, D.C.
Portland, TX

"Fourteen months after starting chiropractic college, a friend asked me to come to a lecture on NLP. That introduction led me to enroll in the [NLP Level ONE] course. As a result of that weekend course, my test scores jumped and my final grades showed that I had increased my GPA from 2.5 to 3.5 in less than one semester! I maintained a 3.5 GPA for the next 3 semesters and studied less and less. In the first year, I studied 30-40 hours per week; after the course, I was studying 10-20 hours per week, less than 1/2 the time resulting in a grade point higher. At that time, I took the NLP Advanced Practitioner Certification Training. As a result of the combined knowledge of these two courses, my grade point become a 4.0. I attracted and related to my patients in my internship with ease and efficiency, and I learned to absorb information without studying .

I consider the NLP courses offered by NLP Learning Systems to be a vital requirement for the complete success of any student regardless of career. "

Dr. Bryan A. Born

Southfield, MI

"With each passing day I am more aware of the gift that you give by teaching NLP.

Since I have temporarily relocated ... I have noticed how profoundly my world and the people in my world have been effected by the NLP skills I learned in the BASIC, the TWELVE HOUR, and especially the ADVANCED.

I would like to share one particular experience that happened recently. I work with Carol who was extremely overweight and had "tried" unsuccessfully for years to initiate and maintain a regular exercise program. She claimed that her extra weight contributed to her negative self-image and poor work attitude.

Well, even I was at first surprised (I sometimes forget how powerful NLP is - I am silly!!!) that after only one reframe (of course, the important prep work preceded the technique) she began an exercise program that she has maintained for six months. She also started a diet (a few weeks after the exercise program a swish was utilized) and has lost 50 lbs. and is currently writing a book. She even has a publisher and everything!

So, on her behalf, and the behalf of many other of my colleagues, THANK YOU. Thank you for me too, as always. "

Susan Klemons

Santa Fe, NM


Please contact us with your questions about the class and to enroll.