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This is not your ordinary NLP Master Track. This is the NLP FIFTH DIMENSION MASTER TRACK! You will either learn how to get here and stay here or recognize you are already here and accept the responsibilities and gifts of being in the FIFTH DIMENSION.

Three out of the four weekends have a 3rd day.  These are the Energy tools called Subtle Energies.  You may or may not actively practice the hands on work, however it will open doors to healing modalities that leads to a healthier you, a healthier environment and Peace on Earth for those that can handle Peace instead of War.

Come join us on this fantastical journey into new worlds, new ideas and new spontaneous healings.  Welcome Aboard!!!  Even if you have taken the Master Track before, you will deepen your learning in FIFTH DIMENSION “out of the world” MASTER TRACK.  All sessions of the Master Practitioner Training are open to the public, and they can be taken on stand-alone basis.

­­­Session One – Meta Programs/Values/Beliefs, February 17/18, 2024
Session Two – Ericksonian Language Patterns and Subtle Energy, May 25/26/27, 2024
Session Three – Metaphors/Adv Submodalities/TimeLine and Subtle Energy, Aug31/Sept1/2, 2024
Session Four – The Art of Mastery and Subtle Energy, November 9/10/11, 2024
Session Five – Diamonds in Your Mind a digital program to be done on your own time

Investment:  2 Day Weekend: $1000; Prepaid $750
                      3 Day Weekend: $1500; Prepaid $1125
                      The 3rd day is a stand-alone piece and can be taken or not taken accordingly.
                      We accept Zelle, Venmo, Credit Card, Check, or Cash 
Location:  New Braunfels; Zoom is available
Time:  A flexible 10am – 6pm each day

Email us to register: contact@nlplearningsystems.com or call: 972-931-9984


Session One – Meta Programs / Values / Beliefs
February 17/18, 2024

This weekend is immediately applicable in the Business world.  As you figure out which meta programs you favor, so you will be able to quickly read others easily.

Richard Bandler first uncovered Meta Programs as they were observed in therapeutic interventions.  These programs, or filters, determine how an individual’s personality is made up.  By understanding this pattern, a communicator can package their language in ways that match and pace the unconscious mind of the listener. This creates levels of influence and rapport in powerful and impactful ways.  Learn how these unconscious filters determine behavior, how they influence each other to limit choice, and how to adjust each filter in ways that balance and integrate individuals to make change ecological.

Values and beliefs are the factors that determine how our Meta Programs are arranged to support our realities. Learn how to find those values and beliefs that limit performance, and resolve any conflicts to build your verbal congruency in thought and action.  Learn also how to change beliefs and reorient values in ways that contribute to your being able to assist yourself and others to achieve their goals.

Session Two – Ericksonian Language Patterns
May 25/26/27, 2024

Take a deep breath and quietly, say the word RELAX to yourself three times, and now, take another deep breath and allow yourself to wonder about the power of “Ericksonian Language Patterns”.  I wonder if you fully realize what could be possible for you to achieve in your personal life, your career, and in your changework on yourself and others…maybe…probably not…yet you will.

We will take you on a guided tour into your unconscious mind.  Since behavior is subconscious in nature, it is the ability to effectively take a person inside that can greatly improve the change process.  In this fun and provocative weekend, you will learn how to take yourself, and others, into deeper levels of mind, where change takes place.

From the instantaneous pattern interrupt to the longer cycles of relaxation, to analogue marking and embedded commands, you will embark on a journey that can have a powerful impact on your attitudes, beliefs, energy levels, health, success, and abundance. You can expect to emerge this weekend with an intriguing sense of certain satisfaction, and a confidence in self.  In addition, you will also leave this weekend with polishing skills obtained through the patterns taught in this session.

Do yourself a favor; take this course and learn, really learn, how to smooth your voice into a powerful tool of comfort and change.  See you there improving.

Subtle Energy
Clearing through Chakras - Most of us know that we are Divine Beings with radiant bodies of light. Yet we know a thousand times more about our physical bodies and how to use them, care for them, and

develop them than we do our subtle energy bodies. Clearing and perfecting our energy bodies and learning how to use their abilities is a stepping-stone on the pathway to spiritual enlightenment.

The Subtle Energy Clearing Systems is a set of practices that use Muscle Testing coupled with energetic clearing and balancing techniques to clear and balance through the chakras and heal physical, emotional, and mental conditions and to install desired life conditions at the Fifth Dimensional Level.

Session Three – Metaphor Magic / Advanced Submodalities / TimeLine 
Subtle Energy
August 31/September 1/2, 2024

Metaphor Magic
Metaphors provide vicarious learning experiences and/or a new perspective toward solutions and understanding.  An effective metaphor will arouse curiosity, stimulate imagination, be attuned to (client) anxieties and aspirations, give full recognition to the problem, develop options toward solutions, convey overt and covert meanings, speak simultaneously to many levels of human personality, and communicate in a manner that reaches the unconscious.  Of all the wonderful skills available, metaphors are frequently the most graceful and simplest to incorporate.

Advanced Submodalities
Resourceful Experience
:  Changing sumodalities can dramatically alter how a person reacts to, or responds to their past, present and future.
Positive Viewpoints:  Diminish limitations and resourceful states while intensifying resource states.  Generate new points of view that empower people, and give them new insights and higher states of consciousness.
Subtracting Elements:  Limit experience or increase focus by deleting distinctions.
Useful Disruption:  Rapid changes to eliminate blocks and get to more resourceful states.
Compelling Future:  Build a compelling future that will act as a powerful attractor.

Jumping Timelines.   Eliminating karma.

Subtle Energy
Clearing through Meridians
- Meridians are the Energy Transportation System.  They are pathways that carry energy into, through, and out of your body.  These meridians have been measured and mapped by modern technological methods: electronically, thermographic, and through radio activity.  With practice and awareness they can be felt.  There are 500 points been mapped and used for centuries for specific improvements in human performance. We cover the Major 12.

We use muscle testing to detect some of these imbalances, taking advantage of the body’s intelligently designed mechanisms to let us discover what is going on inside from the outside.

Session Four– Going For It – The Art of Mastery
November 9/10/11, 2024

Mastery is just that…Mastery!  In this weekend, we make available the mastery of health, a high level skill leading to physiological control.  Such control relates to temperature of skin, blood flow, heart rate, as well as mental control, i.e., brainwaves – beta, alpha, theta and delta.

Once we have installed optimum health and well-being, learning about the cybernetic system along the way, we move into understanding of genius qualities.  This is a weekend of Going For It… By blending submodalities, timeline therapy and strategies, each participant will install values and beliefs consistent with excellence for their success.

Topics to be covered include: propulsion strategies, genius faculties, flirting, quantum leaps, cybernetics, values for excellence, modeling the strategy of K, advanced representational systems, and ecstasy in love relationships.  These are presented as personal therapeutic tools to create an ongoing centeredness and balance, as you propel yourself into the next level of your success.

Subtle Energy
Clearing and The 12 Powers
– In the same way that observing something in physics alters that thing totally and radically from something probable to something certain, so, our consciousness is constantly observing the energy field we call a body.  Thus, everything we do – eat move, sleep, or see – is part of the process of quantum change of something probable into something actual through a stream of conscious acts that will change the mind and thoughts as well as the body.  In fact, the whole of life functions in this quantum way just as consciousness functions in a quantum manner in our bodies, and this overall consciousness that some call God becomes vital for life to be possible as we know it.

The 12 Mind powers work with the subtle body energies that are beginning to be explained by quantum physics.  Conventional Western medicine has made much progress through the use of the CAT scan PET and MRI scanners to explain the physical and bio chemical components of the human cellular body. When we have a tool that can image the energetic cause of disease, using this same computer programming, we will be closer to explaining what it is that the 12 Mind Powers does and how it works.

Session Five – Diamonds in Your Mind
Available Digitally

V. Jan Marszalek, President of NLP Learning Systems Corporation often and frequently recommends Diamonds in Your Mind as the “Class” to attend… because it all starts in your mind. Diamonds in Your Mind is required for Fifth Dimensional NLP Master Track Certification.

This information originally arrived to Jan via her father in law over 50 years ago.  He lived to be 1 week short of 100 doing these practices everyday.  Then Jan used this “Magical” Technology to cure a life threatening disease.  Next she used the tools in surgery as she had a C-section without pain medication or anesthesia (Did you know you can learn to control pain & bleeding?)

Virtually every person working with NLP Learning Systems Corporation including Trainers, Assistants and Volunteers have attended and repeat this remarkable self-improvement class.

Would you like to maximize your potential as a human being? Would you like to have more tools available to help you achieve your outcomes with astonishing ease? If you answer yes to these questions, you must be looking for "Diamonds in Your Mind"! This course is recommended for everyone who thinks, or doesn’t.

What an exciting time for Diamonds In Your Mind!  As promised, we have the class videos and they are ready to be shared with you.  You own these videos and we recommend listening to the whole series through at least two full times.   Thereafter, please use the 30 minute meditations as continued exercise for the brain.  Like any exercise, repetition will increase your skills...once a week is good, twice a week is very good and 3 times a week (for the first 6-12 months) is excellent.   

To purchase Diamonds in Your Mind send us and email (contact@nlplearningsystems.com) or call the office: 972-931-9984.


Please contact us with your questions about the class and to enroll.

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