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June 7, 1996

Dear Jan,

I want to thank you for the very valuable information you shared with me on June 6, 1996. 1 am very eager to learn more through you and the wonderful programs you offer through NLP Learning Systems.  I will definitely let you know the outcome of my current assignment.

1 started to write you a letter about a year ago to thank and acknowledge you and NLP Learning Systems for the gifts I received out of the Practitioner Program. I did not complete the letter at the time as I had not yet completed the program, and felt there may be more learning and gifts. I want to complete the letter now, as I know it's important to communicate what is possible out of the Practitioner Program.

When I began the Practitioner Program, I was working in a fast-paced, high-stress job, and making less income than what I felt my talents and abilities warranted. The job was ruining my attitude, my health and my relationship. I was very unhappy and stuck, and eager to find some relief. Thanks to the Practitioner Program and the great support team you and John have developed, many areas of my life have improved significantly over the last year.

During the program, and as a result of the Future Pace Weekend, I created a dream or desire that by the end of the year that old job would no longer be necessary. Literally, two weeks later my desire was answered and 1 found my way out of that job, and into an entrepreneurial situation that doubled my income overnight. I am very happy and excited about my future as an entrepreneur and know that much of my future pace dreams/desires will come true as a result of being an entrepreneur.

I also am much happier in my relationship with Steve. Our participation in the Practitioner Program really allowed us to open our minds to what it's like to work as a team. Before, we were separate, confused, and scared, and I am appreciative that through the ropes course, we learned how to communicate better and begin to dissipate the fear and confusion. We are now committed to working on and improving our communication, love, respect, and admiration for each other on-goingly.

I have also learned techniques to reduce stress, however, I almost never experience stress any longer, because 1 now have a better understanding of myself, my world, and what is truly important versus trivial. Thank you for this relief.

Probably most important is my new found confidence in my abilities and my reason for being here. Before this program, I may have been self-absorbed with my desires. Now I realize (thanks to the exercise in the seventh weekend) the greatest success and happiness in life comes from loving and giving to others, and being loved and receiving gifts.
                                                                                    I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU FOR ALL MY GIFTS,
                                                                                                                Jeanette Hampton