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NLP Learning Systems Inc.
Jan Marszalek & all Associates
4837 Keller Springs Road
Dallas, Texas 75248

October 19th, 1995

Dear Jan & all Associates,

There are many people to thank with this letter, and many stories too expansive for a single sheet of stationery. You have helped me rebuild a business that was $100,000.00 in the red to one that has made over $100,000.00 in just one brief year. From existing in my car, to living in my beautiful home in Highland Park.

Being one of the very few female independent producers in the oil and gas business has many opportunities. (I greet each opportunity with JOY!)

One of my beloved friends and business cohorts made a comment just the other day and it triggered a memory pertaining to you. He said "Kathrine, 50% of the people in the oil business think that you are crazy, and 40% of them out there just appease you, because your John Hills' daughter. Then, there are the other 10% of us, who know you are gonna make it, and it scares the Hell out of us." Thank You for helping me target in on that 10%... .and scare the Hell/money out of them!

Warm regards,

Kathrine E. Hill
Celestine Energy, Inc.