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Nalan Mitchell
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April 30, 1997

Tony Neal
NLP Learning Systems
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Dallas, Texas 75248

Dear Tony:

The last three years, there have been circumstances in my marriage that I let control my life. I am a kind, caring, and loving person with a positive outlook on life. However, 1 have chosen to let the emotion of anger control me. To the point: anger, harboring anger, festering anger is not congruent with my personality.

My profession is an Instructor/Teacher/Educator/Facilitator. When I am in class or involved in a session, I have the ability to, temporally, put the emotion of anger behind me. When I am on brake, relaxing, or on some type of free time the anger would come back, and in some cases be disabling to me.

ln, February, 1 enrolled in the NLP Level One Program. in fact, 1 started on week 5 of the six week program. That night we were taught some anchoring methods and ref raining. On both methods, I chose to use the subject of anger. I have to admit, I did the techniques half heartedly. 1 mean, I have been angry at some of my wife's activities for over two years, how can some technique solve the problem of anger for me.

That night when I got home, I did not feel any differences. The BIG CHANGE came the next day.

The next morning when I woke up, I felt different. I felt an extreme amount of energy. My body felt lighter, I felt a great sense of power, and great sense of control in my life. What I realized ... "I was not stuck in anger!" It hit me, every morning I would wake up and open my closet and get all the anger I could find and put it in my pockets or any where I could place it. I would carry that anger around with me. In times where I did not necessarily feel angry, I could reach down in my pocket and find plenty to spare.

After I realized that I was not stuck in anger, I tried to find ways to bring it back. I would think of the horrible actions or words my wife would present to me. I thought it would bring the anger back. Instead, I started to laugh. It hit me that I was stuck in anger and I did not want to go back to being stuck.

That afternoon, my mother called me. She would, most of the time, ask "How are things?" Being honest, I would reply, "Hanging in there, Mom" or "Just taking things one day at a time." This particular day when she asked I said "Mom, I feel great" and when I said it too her, I sincerely meant it. Emotionally, I felt great, I was not stuck in anger. My mother responded with "So, your circumstances must have changed (meaning my relationship with my wife)." I simply said, "No mom, 1 have changed." 1 told mom that the anger was behind me. If I wanted to find that anger, I would have to go into the past, and I was not willing to go into the past, I am ready to move forward. Of course, she did not understand.

That afternoon, I had another test on anger. My cleaners are located behind my house. That afternoon, I went to pick up my clothes and the cleaners gave me my wife's friend's clothes. At first, I felt a sense of anger, but instead of getting mad and confronting the issue with my wife, I saw many options in which to handle the situation. One of which was not to let the anger control me.

Tony, it has been 3 months since the initial training. Each day, in some form or fashion, I have tested the emotion of anger. I can become angry, if I choose, but what I have discovered is that I do not become stuck in anger.

NLP is and continues to be a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE for me. Thank you for the time, the training, the love, the patience, and most of all thank you for you.