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Dear Jan,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the gift of our new lives, our new beginnings and our new friends. The past seven months that Joy and I have spent in the NLP Practitioner course has allowed us to express many different emotions in a safe and comfortable environment. We have grown and have accomplished things that we considered impossible seven months ago, ropes-being one example.

Joy and I have been married for 19 years and thought that we knew each other fully, but this course taught us new things about each other and has helped us further strengthen a strong bond that will make the next 19+ years even easier.

Special thank you’s also to:

Debs - (our sister) who patiently pushed for over two years to convince us to do this course.

John and Tony - for your motivation.

Jim - for being such a great partner in ropes. (Robert)

Peggy - for helping me create my new beginning with your time line work. (Robert)

Ynez - for becoming my soul sister (Joy)

Dr Mike and Helen - for assisting us with our energies.

Scott, and Marlena - for all the help you gave us through out the course.

Lots of love and light

Robert and Joy Lewin