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Dear Jan,

 I am taking this opportunity to thank you and the staff at NLP for helping my son. He attended your 12 Hour Belief Workshop some time back. He insist that the class did not have any benefit and was a waste of his time. I had to bribe him to take the class.

Of course the class did not have any benefit, since the class he has obtain a job that he likes and pays twice what he was making. Great, since I was making up the difference. Also his self esteem is 100% better. He has started taking better care of himself, his apartment, and his car. He has begun to shun some of the questionable associates and their activities. I would label him average for a twenty one year old with a better future; only two years ago I would of rated his activities, behavior, and future very close to the bottom without much hope for improvement.

Just think what would be possible if the class did have benefits that he noticed. I never gave up on him, however I do believe that he had for a while. I think that the public schools should be rerouted with this type of class instead of the classes that they do offer that we know are not working.

Keep up the good work and I hope many a teenager will have the opportunity to take this class.


Thank you,


 Ron McCoy