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Dear Tony & N.L.P. staff:

I wanted to share with you an experience I recently had with simple anchoring. I took my two sons swimming (the youngest one who is 5 years old could not swim at that time). Travis (the youngest) decided that he could not swim, and could not get into deep water without a life preserver or the equivalent. I finally started to pay attention to his language, and what he kept telling me on this particular day was that "he could not learn it". So I got him to start talking about things he COULD learn, and in fact, things he HAD learned (in school, etc.) -- and while he was doing this, I set an anchor. So I proceeded to teach him to swim, and each time he said he could not learn it, I fired his "learning" anchor. Within 10 minutes, my son was swimming on his own and very happily, I might add. Until this happened, I hadn't really considered using N.L.P. on my children. For me, this has opened a new door to many possibilities in parenting.

Sincerely Yours,

Vallarie J. Duckworth