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NLP, It Works For Me . . . by Cathy John

NLP -- for over a year (almost two), I've been immersed in the information through a dear friend, Mary Ann, as she has diligently used me as a subject on which to practice her NLP skills.

I was in confusion during most of that time as I listened and tried to picture just what, if anything, was "really" happening to her and especially to me!

I have known Mary Ann for eight years, but when I saw her make a dramatic change in her career circumstances that had tremendous personal and monetary gain. I decided it was time for me to take the class.

I was pretty stuck in a financial, career, and personal "pain pocket" that I'd been struggling with for three years. So I was reluctant to just plunk down the money for the course. As I was writing my tuition check that first night with clammy hands and a knot in my stomach, I seriously questioned what I was doing and nearly bolted for the door, especially after John began telling me about "scarcity" belief systems. (Ouch!)

That experience right then was my first insight into how much "belief system" change work I was facing in order to begin my outcomes in this life. Flying fast on the tail of that insight was the revelation that I've always been a "wisher" and not a "wanter" of things. For the most part, I have Just let my' life happen around me rather than making it happen for me.

To date, I've been through two NLP IN ACTION courses -- an NLP Sales Seminar with the Marszaleks and the Belief Change Workshop. (If you haven't already, take it; you won't believe what you'll find out about yourself.) My life has changed dramatically through these courses.

I began NLP with three major goals, each one contingent upon the one before it. Well, number one has happened (career/finances); number two is happening (changing my home, furniture, etc.); and, at the rate I'm going, I'd better get ready for number three. (Skeptically, I figured this one was a couple of years away.)

Right now my career is exactly where I want it to be, and I believe that is because of the skills I've learned in NLP, especially in calibrating or "reading" other people. I am HEARING people for the first time, understanding how they process information, and hearing their needs. In turn, I've matched them and their words and, all of a sudden, I've gotten MY outcomes. It's so simple that it stuns me.

I have totally changed my relationship with my oldest daughter from one of several years of guilt and conflict to an honest-to-goodness "friendship" and occasional conflict. (Hey, we're still human.) I did this through my own change history work and by finally being able to hear her. I'm primarily visual/kinesthetic. She is kinesthetic/auditory, and her sister is auditory/visual, no wonder we all got caught up in dumb conflicts. We were all coming from a different place when we were under stress.

We did goal reaching one Thursday night in August, and I chose something that wasn't available to happen until January. By the next Wednesday (six days later). it just happened -- even though two weeks earlier I had been told that it wouldn't happen until January at the earliest. (My Thursday night absence through October is because of this!)

NLP is a concrete and practical learning system. It takes you to the step beyond positive "attitude" and "self-talk." It's given me a set of communication tools to use every day, like the "Life 101" handbook I always wanted but never got in school.

Have all the techniques worked for me? Have I gotten everything I've wanted since I began NLP in May'? Yes -- and no. It seems that what I wanted and didn't get was not in my best interest after all.

Where I am right now is light years from where I began a few short months ago. I could not have made these changes with sheer will power, determination, and positive attitude. ("I've been trying that for years.") It is absolutely the result of using NLP.

If you haven't already, try it. It's fun to watch NLP work around you. You'll see for your life change You'll hear yourself communicating differently. You'll feel a tremendous sense of confidence in your ability to handle these "challenges" life sets up for us on a daily basis. Besides, the people are great -- those teaching and taking. because we're all there to make positive, healthy, productive changes in our lives. And, as Hunter says. "It works for me!"