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Dear John and Jan:

I wanted you to be aware of my remarkable recovery from multiple surgery, for which I give almost total credit to NLP and to the Silva System with their "mind-over-matter" philosophies.

In January of 1994, 1 had low back surgery to "cure the pain" in my right leg. The pain had been severe and constant for about two years. (I know- I should not have waited so long). My recovery from this surgery was rapid and uneventful, but did not "cure the pain". So, in June, 1994, I had surgery again. This time the surgery was for replacement of an arthritic right hip.

Afterward the Doctor (Dr. Gottshalk, Southwest Medical Center and Zale Lipshy Hospital) indicated that:

    1. I would be hospitalized for seven to ten days. I was sent home in four days. This was so unprecedented that even the insurance company questioned it.
    2. I would have to use a walker for at least a week. I never did use a walker.
    3. I would be on crutches for at least 30 days. I used crutches for eight days.
    4. I would have to use a cane for a year. I discarded the cane for good in October, four months after my surgery, after using it less and less when I returned to work.

(A side benefit- one of my legs had been longer than the other, which cause a John Wayne-Style Port List. I now walk without the left tilt. I think that this condition was a major contributor to my hip problem.)

The Doctor said that no one he had treated, even 40 years younger, has done as well. I have been studied by the Medical Section of Texas Women's University in Denton, and one young lady whose name I cannot recall, is using my case as part of her Advanced Degree Thesis. I have had no decrease in my mobility at all.

I feel that the Mind Control/NLP training I have had is directly responsible for my outstanding recovery. I am glad to be able to testify to that effect. Keep up the good work!.

Best wishes

Price Street
Mesquite, TX