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May, 1989

Dear John and Jan:

With each passing day I am more aware of the gift that you give by teaching NLP.

Since I have temporarily relocated to New Jersey 11/2 years ago, I have noticed how profoundly my world and the people in my world have been effected by the NLP skills I learned in the BASIC, the TWELVE HOUR, and especially the ADVANCED.

I currently facilitate an ongoing NLP study group for my company and I am excited to say that there have been many positive and dynamic changes in the lives of my colleagues because of your work.

I would like to share one particular experience that happened recently. I work with Carol who was extremely overweight and had "tried" unsuccessfully for years to initiate and maintain a regular exercise program. She claimed that her extra weight contributed to her negative self-image and poor work attitude.

Well, even I was at first surprised (I sometimes forget how powerful NLP is - I am silly!!!) that after only one reframe (of course, the important prep work preceded the technique) she began an exercise program that she has maintained for six months. She also started a diet (a few weeks after the exercise program a swish was utilized) and has lost 50 lbs. and is currently writing a book. She even has a publisher and everything!

So, on her behalf, and the behalf of many other of my colleagues, THANK YOU. Thank you for me too, as always.