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As a student in chiropractic college I was urged to take an NLP class by some friends. Not sure of the reason, I decided to take the seminar. Now, going into my fourth year of practice, I look back and see it was an excellent decision. NLP is all about clear communication - understanding and being understood. I feel this is one major area in which doctors are severely lacking. Imagine how excited I was to be getting this information before starting my practice!

Today, my husband and I have a very successful, 100% referral practice - and we love it! For us clear communication has been a must. By using simple techniques we learned in NLP, such as calibration, we can determine the best way to explain our type of treatment to each individual patient. This accomplishes three major things: (1) The patient feels and knows we understand his problem; (2) he understands the treatment we recommend and therefore is much more likely to follow the treatment plan to get well; and (3) he refers other possible patients. What an easy way to build a busy, stress-free practice. It is truly amazing!

NLP helped me learn about myself - my strengths and weaknesses. This has been an incredible asset to me as a doctor and as a person. Each day is an opportunity to improve.

Kellie S. Parker, B.S., D.C.