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                                                                                                        April 24, 1995
Tony Neal
NLP Learning Systems
4837 Keller Springs Road
Dallas, TX 75248

Dear Tony,

Recently, after completing your Communications and Rapport Skills workshop, an 8-week, on-site course which you taught and custom designed for Commonwealth Trading Company (CTC), I told my staff that we were having seat belts installed in our office chairs. They thought it was funny but I was only half kidding. Since we started your workshop, CTC has been in high gear!

Revenues have increased by over 40%. Profit margins have soared. We are expanding our office space and adding staff. In addition, I have the good fortune to be on the cover of the Dallas Business Journal this week and CTC just had the best first quarter in corporate history. It has been truly remarkable!

You promised me that when we implemented the 8-week course that I would see results. You were correct. I also hear and feel the changes that have occurred within my organization.

One dramatic change is the increased level of quality communication between staff members.  Miscommunications and incomplete communications have been drastically reduced and when they do occur we recognize what is missing in the communication, laugh, correct the miscommunication or fill in the missing pieces, and move on. Communication with customers and vendors have also improved and, as a result, the effectiveness of my staff has sky-rocketed. I notice that people seem to be happier and more content in their jobs and with themselves. Without exception, every single person has commented on how much they enjoyed the course and several have requested that we continue.

I want to thank you for your contribution to the success that CTC is enjoying. You have been very cooperative on scheduling class times and really took the time to understand what our needs and objectives of the course were. I have really enjoyed the time you have spent with us and look forward to doing more with you.

Thank you, Tony!

Best regards

Cynthia Sheriff