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Lisa French
Assistant Vice President

August 10, 1984

Jan and John Marszalek
J. Marszalek & Associates
P.O. Box 348
15775 N. Hillcrest
Dallas, Texas 75248

Dear Jan and John;

Your courses have been the most practically useful in my production efforts of all the courses I have taken. Over the past decade, I have attended numerous selling skills seminars. The techniques you shared have had the most dramatic effect. They are specific, simple and flexible.

In my industry, we are selling an intangible service product and often my firm is not offering the cheapest price. So our marketing efforts have to be creative to be successful. I have been using some of the NLP techniques for the past few months. My telephone marketing skills have significantly improved. This has lightened my travel schedule which is providing me more time to handle my management responsibilities. My ability to establish customer rapport is steadily improving, as is my repeat customer base.

Some say the best indicator of success is the effect on the bottom line. My volume is up 65% over last year, while the department nationally is up 23%. I was recently promoted to Second Vice President earlier than was originally scheduled, because senior management is impressed with my results.

These successes were not created by NLP, and perhaps would have occurred. But, the NLP techniques enabled me to create the positive results faster and with less hard work. For me, thatís the real bottom line. Thanks for selling me on NLP.

Sincerely yours,

Lisa French